The Australian Miniature Goat breed was established in 2000 by breeding quality normal sized goats with small bush goats. The breed is still being developed and refined by many dedicated breeders across Australia. They are a hardy, friendly, entertaining, loving little breed of goat and are suitable for pets for young and old.

They get along with most animals and can be companions for other animals so long as they have another goatie friend.

I'm not an advocate of buying them for companions for dogs, while they do get along with them I wouldn't advise they be left alone with a dog. They can also be used for milk with the amount you get depending on each individual doe. I've had varying amounts, milking once a day I was getting around 800 ml to 1.2 litres depending on the doe. There is a wide range of colours and ear types available with the Australian Miniature and some even have beautiful blue eyes, the ear types are pixie, elf, munchkin and nuby. You can find alot more information about this breed on or

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