• Sharon Parkyn

So You Want a Goat - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

You've seen the videos all over the internet of all the cute little bouncing, running and jumping baby goats and you've decided you just have to have one, well let's face it who wouldn't! There are things you must know before you decide to jump in and buy one. First of all you'll need to contact your local council to make sure you can actually have one. Secondly they will need a good safe secure pen/paddock and shelter from wind and rain. Third thing is to know the pros and cons of owning a goat.

Your goat will be miserable on it's own and make you even more miserable with it's constant crying and fretting because it's lonely. I always say - 1 goat is not good, 2 goats are good but 3 goats are best, and the reason I say this is because if you have 2 and 1 gets sick and has to go to the vet or god forbid it dies then the one left behind will fret or possibly die itself unless you get another one. If you have 3 and you lose one then the 2 left still have each other. There's always people on Facebook frantically looking for another goat because something has happened to one of theirs and the one left alone is fretting and driving everyone crazy with it's constant crying.

If you are buying bottle babies make sure you have the time required to look after them. They will need to be fed their bottles once, twice or three times a day depending on their age.

Once they are off their bottles their only requirement is good quality hay, minerals, clean fresh water every day and a bit of grain. You can also feed them fruit and vegetables and tree branches and leaves.

If you want your babies to have the run of the yard you will need to fence off your trees and make sure they have no access to your gardens, some plants are poisonous to goats.

Don't buy a goat if you are expecting it to mow your lawn, it won't happen. You're better off buying a sheep, goats do eat grass but they prefer leaves, branches, bark and weeds.

That is the basics of goat ownership, in ending I will leave you with my personal experiences of owning goats and I think you will agree the good far outweighs the bad .....




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